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If words like LEADER, EXTRAORDINARY, and INSPIRATIONAL define you -- this may be the opportunity you’ve dreamed of, but didn’t know existed.

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Now Hiring Extraordinary Loan Officers in California, Colorado, North Carolina, & Florida

YourWayHome is expanding nationally.   We’re looking for a self-motivated loan originator that is a prospecting, follow up machine, loves the real estate business and has an entrepreneurial spirit and a huge hunger for success.  We’re a rapidly growing, tech-focused, real estate brokerage and mortgage lender that is drowning in inbound leads.

Keep your existing book of business and we will easily double it.   Continue to work your established base of referral sources and add to that 200 leads a month and a team of ten in-house Realtors that you will originate for.

The in-house Realtors  work for our real estate brokerage but will report to YOU as their sales manager (yep, that’s right, the Loan Officer is in charge). You will be assigned a territory in the United States where your team of agents reside. You’ll continue to originate locally and we will help you get licensed in any additional states necessary.

You will receive at least 200 inbound leads per month. You will personally reach out to each lead, qualify the leads, and distribute the leads to your team of real estate agents in the field. Don’t be mistaken, while the team of agents is great, your success will be determined by your diligent follow up and selling skills with these inbound leads.  Of course you’ll be backed by our own Inside Sales Agents and automated marketing.

Of course you can keep your existing local Realtor referral sources and other sources of business. You give up nothing, but gain a whole lot!

Remote positions are available…work from home or we will open a new office for you.

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The Loan Officer Evolved

As the originating sales manager, you are the head of the team and the Realtors report to you on sales matters/lead conversion (of course they have their own management for real estate transactional matters). Besides being an inside sales agent and the first point of contact for the leads, your role is to effectively coach and manage the agents to ensure a productive team. This will involve hosting weekly group sales calls as well as one on one calls with each agent. You’ll help agents set goals for production and hold them accountable. Basically, you’re the coach and quarterback of an all-star real estate and lending team.

We’ll give you the tools including an incredible marketing team, hi-tech tools, and we’ll deliver 200 or more leads to you each month. You’ll act as the first point of contact for every inbound lead and then connect the prospect with one of your Realtor team members.  You’ll work hand in hand with your team of Realtors and originate all loans as the opportunity arises. You will review the pool of leads, agent follow up status and will personally contact each lead six times in the first ten days (or until handoff to an agent).  This is not a position for someone with call reluctance!

The market is shifting; refinances are gone and the real estate industry is consolidating driven by large Tech Companies and VC money. You can be a leader in this revolution working for a national technology focused lending and real estate team without giving up your established local sources of origination referrals.

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The ideal candidate is passionate about achievement, draws energy from working with people and takes ownership of the sales process to maximum effectiveness.  You lean strongly towards being an extrovert, yet still pay attention to the details of the loan origination process.

This person has the drive and tenacity to achieve or exceed productivity, appointment setting, and revenue targets while effectively assisting customers with their inquiries.  The right candidate must possess a leader’s attitude and bring the best out of their team of real estate agents.

You will make 30+ calls a day. If you don’t like selling via telephone this is not the job for you. You need to be a natural at building a repertoire with clients over the phone.

  • At least two years experience as a loan originator
  • Be consistently closing at least one loan a month now from your own efforts
  • Tech savvy and are a quick learner
  • Organized
  • Self-motivated
  • Brings out the best in others (keeping real estate agents motivated)
  • Exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Passionate about selling and delivering an amazing customer experience.
  • Enthusiastic with excellent people skills
  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Extremely strong phone skills; ability to set and close appointments over the phone
  • Not offended by rejection
  • To be successful in this role you will need to meet a minimum number of calls and follow-up tasks per day
  • Great memory and recall (need to be able to learn and retain information about the cities in your region).
  • Must have a mortgage license in at least one state and we will help you get licensed where needed.
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The greatest reward is always given to those that step out of the box, take a chance and climb to new heights.  A dynamic leader that can take charge of a team of agents while handling one on one sales deserves to be richly compensated.

As a mortgage broker we have some of the lowest rates & costs available. Compared to a bank or retail branch network we average about 75 basis points lower for any given rate.  And working with lenders like UWM we deliver super fast turnaround times.

We pay a competitive commission on company generated loans and a higher commission on self-sourced business. Our team will be spending thousands of dollars a month on lead generation for you.   But more importantly, you’ll be working with leaders and innovators in the real estate industry that believe in you and want to invest in your future.

Internet leads take an average of 9 months to incubate.  In the first few months, you will be building out your team so like any sales position it takes time to build your pipeline.  Of course, if you’re originating now you should have an existing book of business to build on. We encourage you to retain whatever referral sources you have now and continue to nurture those sources.

Generally, we expect that 1 out of 30 leads will close on a house with our team’s agents. Typically about 1/2 of these will convert to loans. Thus, of 200 leads a month, about 3 closings is a good projection once you have been on the job for 9-12 months and your team hits a stride. Take your existing book of business and layer our company provided leads and team on top and you should easily realize a 50-100% pay raise.

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